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About me, where I came from, how far I've come and what keeps me going

I’m a go-getter who dreams big and works hard day and night until I reach those dreams. My personal mission is to help people understand their health one story at a time.

I do consider myself a low-key biohacker — taking control of and upgrading my body, mind and life through science, biology, tech and self-experimentation.

Reading the latest health and wellness research is fun for me. I enjoy making sense of how my body works, and how I can make sure it functions at its best, so I can become better every day.

I started in Hungary, and by the age of 29, I have traveled through four continents, more than 20 countries, earned two bachelor degrees in the U.S. and a master’s degree in London, UK.

I’m the Los Angeles correspondent for a CNN-affiliate major news network in Europe, freelance editorial and branded content writer for the Evening Standard in London, The Independent online and for several magazines.

I have acquired a set of skills for not only writing but video production as well while working in broadcast news.

I don’t look at health writing as a job; it’s a lifestyle for me. I’m what they call a “health nut.” I thrive on challenges, and getting out of my comfort zone only makes things more interesting. I have no problem working in a fast-paced environment, dealing with deadlines and succeeding in unexpected situations.

Oh and, of course, when I’m not consuming or producing health-related stories, I’m letting some steam off in the gym, giving my mind a break and my body a push.