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Circuit Bosu Workout with video - Klaudia Balogh

Balance your way into shape


Tired of exercising on a flat surface? Take your workout to the next level with this Bosu circuit

In the majority of the cases you should engage your core as you perform any exercise. Often, however, we’re so locked in focusing on our legs during squats or biceps and triceps during curls that we totally ignore our abs and core.

Our core is much more than just the abs. Almost every and any move of the human body engages the core in some way. It stabilizes your movements and helps you stay in balance. Without core strength you could easily fall over every time you trip or lift one leg up.

These exercises with the Bosu ball will give you a challenging lower-body workout while strengthening your core at the same time. Add weight if you wish, but if you’re doing these for the first time, make sure to try without extra weight until you get comfortable with the wobble motion.

Workout breakdown:

Squat: 15 reps
Bosu burpee and overheads squat: 10-15 reps
Lunges: 15 reps each side
Lunge jumps: 15 each side
Side lunges: 15 each side
Lateral hop-over: 40 reps
Repeat circuit 3 times…