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Six leggings that lift, compress and give you a bootylicious look

Compression, sweat-proof, mid or high-waisted, you’ll love these tights in and out of the gym

(Updated story seen on Evening Standard online)

Squats and #bootybuilding are living their golden era on and off social media. With #strongnotskinny being today’s mantra in the women fitness world, bums are in the spotlight. We want them curvy, muscular, toned and want to show them off.

Celebs such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and the Kardashian sisters all embrace the active wear look in and out of the gym and don’t shy away from showing their curves. And they shouldn’t. Did you know that women with bigger hips may have better health and higher intelligence? An Oxford study found just that.

Because of that little extra junk in the trunk you tend to have lower cholesterol, higher Omega-3 fats (which enhance optimal brain function), plus better dinopectina levels, a hormone that has anti-inflammatory benefits.

So having a booty is a good thing. Workout leggings aren’t only comfortable but serve many different roles including compression, support, breathability and even booty boosting. No one likes the kind of tights that make their butt look flat, do they? And, when those squats and lunges pay off, you must give those results the attention they deserve.

I tested six tights to see which ones come with the bonus feature of making your bum look bootylicious.

Sixty Ninety Anti-Cellulite Leggings

Working out in these tights will not only make you look peachy, but also boost skin elasticity to reduce the look of cellulite. The leggings are designed with a thick waistband, which helps keep them snug and securely in place no matter what activity you opt for whilst enhancing your curves and providing comfort.

Bootylicious score: 9

$76.29 | Sixty Ninety | Buy it now


Lululemon All The Right Places

These pants are the perfect leggings to wear at the squat rack and on the streets. The black, tight yet rather thick material is designed as a cross-sport pant in providing a held-in sensation whether you’re into HIIT or running. The zone compression supports each lower body muscle, pushes down that lower tummy and gives your bum a lift that will draw every eye in the room.

Bootylicious score: 10

$128 | Lululemon | Buy it now

Gymshark Fit Leggings

These Gymshark leggings are quite tight too. If your body type is rather on the curvy side, then pulling them up might require a bit of those hop-and-pull moves and stretching the material around. However, they do stretch well and provide strong support in the gym. The soft fabric feels great on and comes in a variety of signature colors. The high waistband helps support your core and they stay in place as you move squat low, bend and stretch. Plus, they look fabulous with a crop top or sports bra.

Bootylicious score: 8

$54 | Gymshark | Buy it now

Under Armour Colour Blocked Ankle Crop

These tights provide comfortable support all around your lower body. Its HeatGear® fabric delivers superior coverage while its elastic mid-rise waistband sits just right on your hips. Being a lighter color, it gives more emphasis to your curves as oppose to a dark pattern and will keep those compliments coming. And it won’t even break the bank.

Bootylicious score: 8

$37.49 | Under Armour | Buy it now


DHB Womens Training Print Tights

The Italian fabric of these tights will make you fall in love with them at first touch. They’re smooth and silky yet they still hold you together. Although at first, they slipped slightly downward, but the second time I wore them, they stayed on fine. The vibrant colors are flattering and their design provides nice lifting and support on the bottom as well. They are great for a run or HIIT session, and look glamorous on your selfies as well.

Bootylicious score: 8

$27| Wiggle | Buy it now

Adidas Miracle Sculpt Tights

I had a bit of a trouble with these. The leg area stretches very well, but the waistband is quite tight and stiff, so because I have wider hips I was right between sizes small and medium. The small only came up on one leg and once I put my other leg in there, it didn’t come through my hips. The medium on the other hand was a bit large up top. Still held in nicely and curved on the bum well, but I could see that being a better fit for women with smaller hips. However, the bonded elastic high-waist aids additional support to your core. It helps with the pressure on your abs and lower back as you lift heavier weights. The color blue has a downside, though: sweat shows quite a bit, so after a hot and sweaty training, you can’t really hide your hard work  — not that you’d want to, but for those of you who may uncomfortable looking like you had a bathroom accident, I’d suggest going with a darker shade.

Bootylicious score: 7

$150 | Adidas | Buy it now