Cook it, stack it, slide it in the oven and enjoy

Whether you’re vegetarian or meat-lover, each version of this dish is super easy and great for any occasion

Mushroom or meat, rice and cauliflower stack

Meat version with ground beef, cauliflower, rice and sour cream

What you need

mushroom or ground beef
sour cream
salt, pepper, Vegeta seasoning, onion

How to stack it

Cook the rice, the cauliflower separately. In the meantime, chop up onions to small squares,  simmer them until they’re white/see through, take them off the heat and add a teaspoon of paprika powder. Mix it in and put it back on the heat and add the mushroom or beef. Season it with Vegeta, salt and pepper, cover it and let it cook. Take some sour cream and season it with Vegeta, salt, pepper and garlic or garlic powder.

Once the meat or mushroom, the rice and the cauliflower are all done then comes the layering. Take a glass oven-safe pan, layer it with rice, then cauliflower then the meat/mushroom. Add the seasoned sour cream and add another layer of everything in the same order and top it off with the rest of the sour cream left.

Pre-heat oven to 400 F and let the dish bake for 30 minutes or until top is light brown.

Enjoy with a side salad or on its own.