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Sugar-free challenge: 30 days of rollercoasters, but here's why it's worth it

Day 30! The final day’s come and I’m overwhelmed with positive results, despite all the ups and downs…


Day 20 through 25….what the public’s response’s been to my constant question: “Does it have sugar in it?” Plus, why you shouldn’t be embarrassed for wanting to know what’s in your food — ignorance is not the right path to take

Day 15 through 20…..cravings and how to overcome them


Day 10 through 15…food and guilt-free sweet update


Day 5 through 10….uphill road

Days 1 through 5…..suck

Eating healthy in the US, I’ve found, is extremely difficult. Whether it’s the quality of food, the additives, preservatives or just my lack of will power, but every time I come back from Europe, my health meter dips big time.

Sugar has always been my weak spot, and I’d be the first one to admit that I’m addicted to sugar. And, indeed, this 30-day challenge has been proving my point.


I moved back to the States in February, and I remember the first few weeks I woke up as if someone kicked me out of bed in the morning, and I was ready to conquer the day. Plus, I had super energy all day long, no matter how busy my day got. As the weeks and months have gone by however, I’ve noticed a major shift in my body.

I didn’t only lose energy, but started to feel as if I’m holding onto a few pounds I worked so hard to lose over the winter. I understand that’s because the past two months my diet has shifted too. Although most of my diet choices have been still healthy, but a lot more sweets and processed foods have sneaked in, which have made a huge difference in how I felt.

As silly as it sounds, I realized that I felt moody, lazy and unproductive when I ate sugar-loaded stuff (like a bowl, or two, of granola with coconut milk), yet all I wanted to do even after the second bowl is to have a third one.

That was not OK. My body was screaming to stop — I felt bloated, light-headed, lazy, uncomfortable. So I’ve decided to take up the fight against sugar and cleanse my body of it.

I’m on day 5, and it’s been quite a challenge indeed. I can’t stop thinking about sugar. I look at labels with almost a magnifier glass to make sure nothing slips in. There’s added sugar in things you wouldn’t even think of (pizza, bread, tomato sauce, most snack bars, Emergen C Vitamin, multivitamin gummies, etc…)

I’ve been definitely eating more nuts such as macadamia, almonds and cashews, maybe even too much, so I gotta take it back a notch. Most of my meals include the healthy triangle of protein, good fats and fiber, but it’s still hard to get my mind off of dessert, especially that for the first 10 days, I’m avoiding all fruits too.

My prediction is that hopefully by day eight or 10, my cravings will stop, my energy will increase and I’ll feel better overall.

We’ll see. Stay tuned. I’ll report back again on day 10.