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Six reasons to watch the sunset whenever you can

And not for the perfect Instagram snap…

What’s the first thing you do when you catch the sunset at a beautiful location? Do you stop for a moment and just get lost in the view? Or do you take your phone out and snap a picture to post on social media?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s the latter one.

But why do we put a screen in between us and life instead of experiencing life without a filter? I understand you’d want to inspire others with the image or show it to your friends later, but don’t do it every single time.

Try leaving your phone in your purse or pocket at least every other time becuse the sunset looks much more powerful if you look at it without any digital distraction, and here are six reasons why:


Standing in front of such a magnificent energy opens up your mind to new ideas. You may feel inspired and learn to look at things from a different perspective. We all experience life through a different lens and have our on perception of reality. Sometimes, however, we must take a leap of faith and open ourselves to accept what might seem strange or even wrong at first.

Be present

Distractions are all around us at all times. They are so embedded into our life that the only way to fully ignore them is to consciously want to ignore them. So put your phone away, silence it, don’t pay attention to what other people are wearing, or how their hair looks. Focus on just being in the moment. During a sunset, you’ll notice the changes of colors, the movement of the sun disappearing on the horizon and even spot the moon appearing on the sky.

Reconnect with nature

For most of us, our days look like this: wake up at home, commute to work (whether it’s by car or public transportation) be at an office, go to the gym (maybe, hopefully) and go home. One important element however is missing: being outside. You could do yoga, meditate or just simply sit and watch as the colors dance on the horizon whilst breathing in the energy around you. You’ll feel grounded and at ease, because at that moment you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in life: with yourself.

Slow down

So often we start thinking about what we’re going to do next without having finished with what we’re currently working on. We multitask, rush through the day and before we’d even say good morning, it’s already sunset. Stop running around and watching time pass by. You’re put on this earth not only to exist but to live, and to live fully.

Sunset on Naples Beach in Florida


Decluttering our thoughts and finding time to reflect on ourselves is a practice many of us don’t do often enough. It’s as if it wasn’t important. We’re too busy with what’s going on around us that we neglect to take care of what’s going on within us. We often react on impulse, respond on emotion and make decisions without considering the consequences they bring along. Self reflection allows us to make more conscious decisions, keep the inside and the outside in balance and increase self-awareness which initially leads to feeling empowered.


Think about how small our Earth is and how small we are humans within compared to the largest star of our solar system. Realizing your place on this planet and its energy around you will encourage appreciation towards the little things in life. Have you ever got upset because you didn’t reach your goal or get something as fast as you expected? However much time you head in mind was nowhere near in comparison to how long it took our planet to make this place habitable for human life.

You’re a tiny part of this grandeur universe, yet you do hold an amazing power within you — never forget that.