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Wellness Week LA review: everything you need to know and more

A week of exploring wellness in Los Angeles…. I danced, kick-boxed, sweat in 140°F, stood in a chamber set to -150°F and gave my muscles some extra vibration and burn…

Not going to lie, I could imagine Wellness Week being every week for me.

If you’ve been reading this blog and following my journey, you know that I’m all about health and wellness. I love trying the latest workouts, new health hacks and the latest trending fit gadgets and services.

This past week, I had the opportunity to do just that, and I can definitely get used to it. Wellness Week LA is an experience I recommend to anyone who wants to be healthier. It encourages you to try new things, get out of your comfort zone and learn about your body and what you’re capable of both physically and mentally. Why? Because a healthier you is a happier, more balanced and sexier you!

Okay, so what is Wellness Week LA?

It’s the first personalized wellness festival, without the aspect of going out of town. It was perfectly fine by me, because Los Angeles might as well be called the Mecca of wellness.

There’re hundreds of companies in LA that focus on improving your health in one way or another, such as meditation, vitamin IV, group fitness classes, healthy snacks, sauna or cryotherapy, etc… Their prices, however, can often be a bit too high if you just wanted to give it a go and see how you liked it.

Here’s where Wellness Week comes into play. When you register, you’ll fill out a questionnaire regarding what type of health hacks you enjoy, what your needs are, where you live and what piques your curiosity.

With that information in hand, their team will match you with participating brands and businesses near your location and give you freedom to schedule them at your convenience during Wellness Week.

Here’s a short review of brands from my week.

Vitamin B12 shot at Drip Doctors

I was never really afraid of needles, so I was pretty excited about this one and curious how it would affect me. To my knowledge, I’m not B12 deficient, but very rarely eat meat, so my levels could’ve been a bit low.

Let’s just say that I generally drink one coffee a day, but it’s been a week that I received my shot and have not had a cup ever since. And, my energy levels haven’t dipped. Needless to say, no caffeine withdrawal headaches, thank you very much.

Vitamin B12 shot at Drip Doctors

B12 is a very important vitamin you don’t want to have lack of. It’s vital to the reaction that creates new DNA in your body and keeping your red blood cells healthy. Plus, it helps ensure proper function of your nervous system.

The process at Drip Doctors was super quick. I made an appointment and when I got there, filled out the usual “it’s-my-first-time-here” form, then saw the nurse.

She kindly explained why a shot had a quicker effect than a supplement. The shot enters your blood stream immediately, while a pill would have to break down and go through the digestion process which takes more time.

The actual shot in the upper glute didn’t hurt at all. She used a freeze spray that pretty much numbed the area for that few seconds while she injected it. All done, pants up and on my way I went.

Three-day pass at Equinox West Hollywood

I just want to put it out there, I love Equinox. I’ve only been to their West Hollywood location, but I’d go back any time. I really enjoy group fitness classes, so with this pass I wanted to see what they had on schedule.

First, I did “Best Butt Ever,” which was on fire, or at least my glutes were. We used small bands, sliders and a step up. It was a class of great variety that engaged my butt left and right, up and down, all around. If you want to build a booty —and why the heck would you not want to do that — this class is a must.

Second, I took the Dance, Diva, Dance class. When I knew heels were involved, I had a feeling that it was about to get sassy and classy. The instructor and choreographer Delandis Mcclam makes the class inspiring and fun. You’ll really feel like a diva during that hour or so.  By the way, he dances in super high heels so perfectly, in which I probably couldn’t take two normal steps in. We started with practicing walking in heels while adding a little, or a lot of sass, to it, then learned a choreography. Watch video below.

Third, a day after girly high-heel dancing I went to kicking and punching. I tried the kickboxing class. One of my favorite things about working out, is the variety of exercises you can incorporate into your training. I’ve done kickboxing before, so I knew the basics, but I also knew that it was going to kick my butt. It’s a great combination of cardio and building strength and stamina. There were times throughout the class when I had to stop for a few seconds to catch my breath and shake off my arms, which I could hardly feel about halfway through. By the end, however, it felt like a badass accomplishment.

Brain Massage at Unplug Mediation

No one is touching your brain, don’t worry. It’s much better than that. Brain massage is designed to help you reach deeper states of relaxation and meditation. How? We used a headset, which looked very innovative. It played theta waves and binaural sounds along with musical compositions, while Peter, the instructor, lead us through a journey of visualization.  The music he used has been through extensive neurological research to enhance the experience, and it worked. I felt extremely zen, relaxed and calm for the rest of the night. I meditate almost every day, but I’m not able to reach that deep state too often. It was fantastic.

Yoga at Playlist yoga

The yoga was in a lovely, but quite small studio. It didn’t particularly leave me with the feeling that “I have to return,” but it was a pleasant experience. The instructor was nice and her calming voice guided the class with ease, but I missed not having showers and separate changing rooms on site.

Infrared Sauna at Sweatheory

All I can say, what a genius idea. Instead of having one big infrared sauna for a bunch of people to sit in, I had my own room with a shower, mirror and sauna cabin. It was truly a pleasant private experience. I received a small sip of cayenne pepper drink to intensify the detox and sweat more, then had an hour to enjoy the far infrared heat. I did have to walk out a couple times though to cool down and have some water.

Far infrared light therapy has an immense amount of benefits:

  • Detoxifying
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Relieves inflammation, joint and muscle pain and stiffness
  • Good for the skin
  • Improves blood circulation

Sweatheory even offers a bunch of yoga and fitness classes that are done in studios heated with far infrared lights. I didn’t get a chance to try those, but they must be awesome.

Butt and Abs class at PlateFit

If you think you know what it feels like when your legs and glutes burn, think again. Working out on a Power Plate, your muscle engagement goes through the roof. This medical grade device utilizes harmonic vibration. This means the plates are always moving three directions at once: left to right, front to back, up and down, activating your muscle reflexes.

It improves your balance because the ground is literally shaking underneath you. You’ll have to engage your core the whole time and focus. Muscle – mind connection is very important here for maximum results.

PlateFit classes are only 27 minutes long, but you’ll definitely break a sweat and burn more calories than you would working out without the vibration for the same amount of time.

Cryotherapy at Next Health

This was one of my favorites. I’ve heard so much about the benefits of cryotherapy that I couldn’t wait to give it a go. I do have to say, I’m not a big fan of being cold, and I’m more like a sunshine-and-blue-sky kind of girl, but this was something different.

When I arrived at Next Health, I filled out an extensive questionnaire about my medical history, then headed to the changing room. Dropped my clothes but kept the underwear. Slid into comfy socks, a cozy slipper, two layers of gloves, a face mask and a towel around my body. They asked me to pick a song for that 2.30 minutes in the chamber, put Beats ear warming headphones on me, and I walked in to -150F. It was an uplifting experience, and the cold wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Once you mentally accept that you’re there and embrace your present state, a beautiful feeling of calm takes over your body. It helps clear your mind and relieve stress. I left feeling energized, awake and super focused.

The benefits go a long way:

  • Increased collagen production
  • Increased cell rejuvenation
  • Reduced signs of aging
  • Stress release
  • Endorphin boost ( happy hormones )
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Great for tissue damage and healing
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain

Wellness Week LA After Party

After a whole week of wellness, we had a little extra fun at the after party at Unplug Meditation. Megan Monahan kicked it off with a guided meditation and a short informational session. Her style is soooo good — not your usual meditation teacher, but in a good way. She’s funny, witty, engaging and could really connect with all of us. Then we tried some facial cryo, delicious collagen and CBD chocolate and learned about CBD beauty products from The Antidote company.

Oh, and I did leave with a goodie bag in hand, so I can’t wait to try Barry’s Bootcamp and some more cryo.

Group Hike with LA Hike Club

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to this one because had family in town that weekend. When I saw the Insta-stories, however, and heard from those who did go, I knew I had missed out. There was great energy and a lot of cool people hanging out. Plus, the weather was gorgeous. Definitely not missing it next time.