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A webseries breaking down little bits of health, nutrition, diet and fitness topics one story at a time.
It’s time to let go of short-term solutions and fad’s. Let me help you understand your biology and figure out how to make better decisions and dial in your wellness for life.

Episode #9 — Is Your Infrared Sauna Toxic?

Don’t judge a sauna by the wood you see on the outside. Do your homework before you invest, because it’s the parts you can’t see that may damage your health, especially your lungs.
The brand I trust and use daily is https://sunstreamsaunas.convertri.com/klaudia?fbclid=IwAR0kBxIHGwT8U7-Jfb0FkbL7gizL41Bl11mv1fX7beD8guB981lFznGpqsQ
I did some research and dove into the dangers of having plywood in your sauna. What I’ve found was not only alarming but eye-opening too, so take a look and let me know what you think….

Episode #8 — Infrared Sauna Health Benefits: Detox, Immune Boost, Stress Reduction & Recovery

Why I’m addicted to my Infrared Sauna and why it’s one of the best biohacks to have right now!
– Powerful detox through the skin
– Increased white blood cell production
– Lower inflammation
– More efficient oxygen transportation in the blood
– Boosts endorphins (happy hormones)
– Decreases cortisol (stress hormone)
– Breaks down fat cells
– Increases Heat Shock Protein production (increase immune system efficiency)

Episode #7 — What it's like to biohack and optimize your health

Had one of the most amazing health and fitness experiences optimizing my mental and physical state along with recovery at Upgrade Labs in Santa Monica and in Beverly Hills.

Episode #6 — Why you should take vitamins daily

A very high percentage of Americans are deficient in dozens of vitamins. Even if you eat your veggies and fruits, you should still supplement with a few additional nutrients. In this video, I share my daily dose and my journey to realizing their importance.
We’ll dive into some information on which brands are high-quality in an upcoming episode.

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Episode #5 — 3 easy tips to feel happier, healthier and more accomplished

Episode #4 — Genetic Testing for Nutrition

Episode #3 — Inflammation

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Episode #2 — Food labels

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