About Me

Learning about ways to live a longer, happier and fulfilling life is what truly excites me. And sharing all that knowledge through writing makes it all a lot more rewarding.

Health & Longevity

Helping you understand your health one story at a time.

I am an avid health writer and longevity enthusiast/biohacker on a mission to help others understand their health one story at a time.

As a purpose-driven individual, I’m always in service to not only help others better understand their physical and mental well-being, but also to share how they can use that information to optimize their health to their best potential.

I’ve got over 10 years of journalism experience working in print, digital and broadcast media in the US and Europe.

When I'm not creating content...

Spending time with those whom I love, staying active, traveling, and trying health optimization tools are a few of my favorite things.